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ENROLL in Glenna’s newly-minted December workshop  ONLINE


The F/OL\D

Drifting, diffusing, dissolving

photo Susan Sentler, dancer Irina Baldini

2-day ONLINE workshop in art curation

through embodied movement

Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson

12th and 13th of December

8 am to 11 am each day (EST) (GMT+1) 1pm – 4 pm, (Singapore/Asia) 8 pm-11 pm

The Fold is an improvisational entry into somatic and artistic creation.In this workshop, facilitators Susan and Glenna preface somatic embodiment as the portal through which to explore multiple dimensions of folding.The theme: drifting. Drifting is the catalytic agent. It helps us let go of habitual forms of control. As a movement focus, drifting enables a shift in space-time, a suspension of effort within gravity and the falling/slippage between embodied attention. Participants will partner with different forms of multi-media – paper, fabric, photography, drawing, and filming.  The mix of materials with moving matter helps to propagate a multiplicity of images. As well, it becomes an archive of the experience.  Come join us in discovering a porous membrane between the pedestrian and the sublime.

Fee €60 (€40 if taking only one day)       Limited to 20 participants



A bit more about Glenna…

I am a movement muse, a teacher, coach, mentor, scholar and advocate of the Somatic movement arts and dance. Embodiment is my terrain – an inquiry into body intelligence for skilled performance, health and well-being

I have a passion for articulating points of correspondence between art & science, a hub where  body & mind probe the visceral, and give rise to new ideas, aesthetics and movement pathways

 Embodied, empathic, inclusive, movement changes people from both the inside out, and the outside in.


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