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The F/OL\D as Somatic/Artistic Practice

Image Susan Sentler & Jamie Forth, dancer Valerie Lim


Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson

Saturday/Sunday, 25th & 26th  of September 2021


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The word code dates back to the 1300’s. This ancient word originally referred to the stem of a tree or wooden tablet smeared over with wax – a palimpsest, a semi-permanent record etched into memory – personal and collective. For the F/ol\d as somatic/artistic practice, the word codex suggests a porous record of one’s historicity. The practice offers a space that reveals all that lies within the liminality  of artmaking, all that arises in the moment of moving perception as a fluid system of convex-concave shapings. These tonic signals are tensions that shimmer and shift as they pass seamlessly from enfolding to unfolding and back again. Diacritical markings become hieroglyphic motifs, yet to be deciphered within a field of multi-media play, one co-created by all virtual participants. Glyph or graphic, gesture or gif, the F/ol\d is a conduit for all things becoming, wrought, and shared.  Come join us online in this re-markable moment in artmaking. We welcome a diversity of experience, regardless of movement training or knowledge of artmaking.


Saturday and Sunday, 25th & 26th  of September.

Starting time 9 am EDT both days (2pm UK/Ireland, CET+1)


Fee: €60 both days or €40 one day payable before September 17th

NOTE: Refer a friend who registers and receive a €20 euro reduction in the fee.

Please see description for full details and fill out the application

Zoom link will be sent within 2 days of the workshop.

For further information, contact Glenna   glenna@humanorigami.com

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