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ENROLL in Glenna’s newly-minted December workshop  ONLINE

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The F/OL\D

Decay…Catalytic Agent of Creation


Photo Susan Sentler, dancer Valerie Lim

A 2-day ONLINE workshop in art curation through embodied movement


Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson


23rd & 24th of January 2021

9 am to Noon each day (EST) (2 pm GMT+1) (Singapore/Asia 9 pm)


The Fold is a somatic entry into exploring the infinite manifestations of folding of matter and material. As the new year settles in, facilitators Susan and Glenna are offering a taste from their array of embodiment practice called The Fold as Somatic/Artistic Pratice.


The workshop theme: Decay.


Decay is a paradoxical agent: While completing one growth cycle, it triggers another. As a leaf withers in fall, it lets go of its form, gesturing into new identities. As it disintegrates, the leaf harbours nutrients. Its dry particulates nestle into the softer underbelly of the soil. Likewise, our bodies hold the mysteries of death and resurrection. We fold and unfold through the play of time, rotting, recycling, reorganizing through the life span. The shift is a play of dynamics — a slow shedding, a rupture, or a sharp cleavage between layers of matter. Becoming witness to the metaphor and meaning of rot can be transformative – honing insight while harvesting the fruits of matter for new uses.

Come join us in discovering your mushroom mind. Practice the wild as you become an ecological chemist.



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