Dr. Glenna Batson, ScD, PT, MA

~ Learn to move as nature intended ~


Movement Mentor  is an empowering approach to learning to move more effortlessly in daily living

Veteran teacher Glenna Batson will guide you towards a customized program of mindful self-care to put into daily practice – in your home, at work, or on the go. Professor Emeritus of physical therapy, Glenna is certified in the Alexander Technique, with more than 50 years of teaching adults in mind-body education.

Practical and tailored to your needs, Glenna will become your ally, helping you to discover new paths to regaining a sense of movement ‘flow’ and effortless support. Best of all, you can apply what you learn anywhere – in both day-to-day skills and in your favorite activities.

Let Glenna inspire creative solutions to your movement concerns.



Who is Glenna Batson?
What is the Alexander Technique?

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the f/ol\d

Folding as Artistic Practice

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Dance & Parkinson’s Research

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