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The F/ol\d as Somatic/Artistic Practice



An online workshop with

Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson

Image: Susan Sentler   Dancer: Valerie Lim


Saturday-Sunday, 2nd & 3rd of April

9 am – 12 noon (EDT) (+5 UK, +6 Europe)


The fold becomes itself through the juxtaposition of two opposing surfaces. The enfolding touch is paradoxical – neither a facsimile, nor a replication of itself. Each surface carries its own agency, a non-binary catalytic lock-and-key which generates new patterns and connections. Each side acts as a fraternal twin. While a look-alike, each [side] can express its own motivity, motivation, movement pattern and momentum. In this way, a fold lends itself to a meta-physical encounter. Like a Rorschach inkblot, its mirror image is open to interpretation. In this workshop, we’ll encounter this coupling through guided somatic movement improvisation and multimedia play. In this transposition, the F/ol\d offers a means of hovering between entangled identities. Come slither along the fold’s convex-concave edge, or plunge into the smudge. Either way, you’ll discover The F/ol\d’s fanciful energy and its potential to imprint, inform and transform.


Full description and bios at http://www.humanorigami.com   Booking info below.

Fee  – €60, inclusive of workshop and materials, €40 one day Please remit payment by PayPal to Susan Sentler   shsentler@gmail.com



or at http://www.humanorigami.com

Note: if you previously attended a workshop,, simply  print your name & sign the application and remit to Glenna at




Zoom link will be sent within 2 days of the workshop.


En/Unfolding in Ireland

Glenna on the road


October is my birth month: an emblem of 73 years of life experience. I spent this past month in Ireland, dancing while aging, falling and rising, and falling again –  letting go of the leaves in an elaborate psychophysical folio of movement, thoughts, emotions and dreams.  For details, check out EVENTS.


The F/OL\D as Somatic/Artistic Practice

Now going on their 9th year of collaboration, Susan Sentler and Glenna Batson snagged a book contract with Intellect Press Entitled Embodied Processes in Art Making: The F/ol\d, the prospective date of publication is early 2023.


Susan and Glenna will be presenting an online workshop  on The F/OL\D at the annual Body IQ Berlin Festival. The Festival aims to bring somatic practices beyond the personal and experiential to address the global crises of today. Well worth attending – either in the vibrant city of Berlin or you can get a good taste of this feast of workshops online.

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