Alexander Technique Teachers

Join Glenna for an unforgettable summer workshop in Slovenia!

4th International AT Teachers Convention 

August 25th – 31st 2024



ONLINE  Short Course for Alexander Technique Teachers

The Alexander Technique – sustaining health in a post-COVID world

 Friday, February 2nd – March 1st,  2024

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Spring into Fall 2024

Having moved back tot he Washington, DC area after a 35-year hiatus, Glenna has resurrected a number of wonderful colleagues from the past, both in dance and in the Alexander Technique.  Meeting up again with veteran community dance artist Nancy Havlik, Glenna has readily joined in improvising with Nancy’s  Quicksilver senior dance project.

Glenna and decade-long colleague Susan Sentler (London, UK) put the finishing touches on their book

artmaking as embodied enquiry: enterubg the f/old. We await publication fall 2024,(Intellect Books, UK).


Glenna took on a project with Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, as guest editor for a special topics issue in dance, embodied agency and neuroplasticity in aging. Frontiers is an open access journal and the third most cited among similar science journals. Editorial team includes Drs Aline Haas (Brazil), Bettina Bläsing (Germany), Christina Hugenschmidt (USA) and Joseph DeSouza (Canada). We aim to meet the manuscript minimum to publish an E-book on a topic that advances current evidence on dance and quality of life.