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Image: Susan Sentler      dancer: Valerie Lim

The Fold as Somatic/Artistic Practice

a newly minted intensive online curated course

Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson


This course invites the curious to immerse themselves in the Fold. Designed as a generative platform for sourcing creativity, the course offers a space to transform playful exploration into deeply honed intimacy within art making. The course is geared for persons who share a kinship, correspondence with, or connectivity to, embodiment, including, (but not limited to) dance artists/educators, somatic movement arts teachers, visual- and multi-media artists, architects, teachers in the humanities or science and medicine, essentially those with an aesthetic willing to explore the unknown.


Offered is a five-week excursion into working with two seasoned facilitators. The starting point is the body – the somatic body in movement and stillness. Multi-media artist and dancer Susan Sentler and somatic educator Glenna Batson will guide and curate a palette of embodied processes.   Susan and Glenna will build a scaffold for a sensory rich landscape, an improvisational playing field of inner-to-outer body relationships.


Commitment   – Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7th September – 9th October


The group will meet by Zoom platform over the course of five weeks, with each class lasting two (2) hours. The thrust is interactive. We will share impressions and reflections on experience within the course itself, and/or its impact outside the course. Please plan to commit to the entire course. In respect for group process, we will not allow one-off classes. Each class will be experiential/exploratory over the first four weeks. All classes will be recorded. Recordings will be available for one week after which time they become part of Sentler and Batson’s course archive.


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