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The F/ol\d as Somatic/Artistic Practice

Oct 2022 hybrid workshop – London, UK


a catalytic conversation in art making

image: Susan Sentler, dancer: Valerie Lim

Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson

Artistic creation hinges on experiencing the moving body in new ways. In this workshop, Susan and Glenna

invite you to explore the aesthetic dynamics hidden within a simple fold. Drawing upon their decade of

collaboration, the two facilitators provide a portal through which to explore the multidimensionality of

folding. They offer this entry into movement creation through an approach to somatic embodiment and

multimedia play.


The word drift finds its derivation in Old English, meaning, ‘a being driven’ (like snow,

perhaps). As well,  drift suggests a sense of ‘what one is getting at,’ (as in, ‘Do you catch

my drift?’). When embodied and embedded in creative process, drift becomes a

powerful agent in art making. Far from passive and listless, drift acts as an embodied

nemesis in the controlling mind. Drifting is a catalytic agent, one that allows both mind and body to let go of

habitual control and the limits of finality, common obsessions that interfere with creativity – or simply, what comes next.



Drift ramifies…meeting an array of fragments and phantoms as it suspends in space-time.


Drift-as-fold seeps and slips effortlessly through embodied portals where gravity gives way

to free fall. Multidimensional and dimensionless, drifting folds invite the moving witness to

rise, loom, dissipate and re-emerge in the liminal, shapeshifting matrix.

Here, participants discover new pathways that connect embodied perception

with the emergence of movement freedom.


Susan and Glenna invite everyone to contribute to creating the group field, an immersive, sensory

rich environment. Here, participants can enter and exit in the en/unfolding continuum, exploring

the many manifestations of folds adrift. You’ll partner in a process of making with different forms

of multi-media – paper, fabric, photography, drawing, and filming. A multiplicity of images arise from the experiential mix

of material ‘batter’ – material/matter to curate building a generative archive/anarchive. The

emergence of novel images will transcend the moment, becoming art.


Come enjoy the disparate possibilities of  entangling in the fold, adrift with no origin or end.


London Performance Studios Penarth St London UK


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