In person classes for Living Traditions are suspended due to COVID 19 through end of 2021


Living Traditions– Sacred Moves

Glenna Batson  

Movement Muse

Sample Class Audio Recording – HEART


Sponsored by Joy of Movement Studio, Pittsboro


Everyday gestures become sacred when we attune to the mysteries of the moment and open our bodies to channel the spirit. This moving class is designed to connect the body-mind with somatic spirituality. Both the inspiration and the music are drawn from multiple cultures and traditions. Each week’s theme invites you into an exploration of the qualities of the natural world and our nature. Each class in this five-week series is a guided improvisation into deepening your own state of embodiment. You are free to move as quietly or expressively as you wish. The movements are easily adaptable to your home space. Moving alone and together, we’ll create a reflective space where common actions take on a deeper meaning — however that meaning arises. Come join me in making every moment, momentous.


Anyone is welcome to participate at any time – whether dropping in or taking the whole series.

The class will be recorded and available for one week for those unable to make the time.


The class is free with love donations going to JOM studio. Please click the DONATE button.

Glenna Batson I am a seasoned dancer and somatic educator who wishes to support the work/play of JOM. I believe in the power of dance as a primary expression — greeting all life’s challenges with reverence for the moving body. She lives in Pittsboro.


Joy of Movement is generously supported by contributions from the community, welcomed throughout the year, and which are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsorship by Abundance NC (, a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit.