Genna Batson, ScD, PT, MA,

50 years’ experience in movement education & embodied practices

Internationally recognized teacher of the Alexander Technique

Masters in Dance Education

Doctor of Science, Physical Therapy

Professor Emeritus, Physical Therapy

Fulbright Scholar

Independent lecturer, dance education/Somatics – Peabody Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), Duke University (Durham, NC), University of LImerick (Limerick, Ireland)

Glenna Batson, ScD, PT, MA

For the last five decades, Glenna has worked at the intersection of dance, movement science and somatic education honing a trans-disciplinary approach to embodied cognition. Professor emeritus of physiotherapy, Glenna has drawn from multiple sources both within and outside of the academy as catalysts for teaching, research, advocacy, and artistic growth. Devoted to the art and science of movement, Glenna’s path required extensive travel, working in various trades from cocktail waitressing to belly dancing. Academic-, pedestrian- and exotic milieus all deserve a place in evolving a fresh vision within uni-disciplinary silos. Glenna has lectured and mentored in higher education within dance, bodymind disciplines and neuro-rehabilitation. Her roles include clinical (physical) therapist, somatic educator/practitioner, dance researcher, mentor and conference organizer. She currently teaches Somatics as faculty of dance at Peabody Institute for Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD USA), and is a guest dance educator at Duke University and University of Limerick. Clinical investigations include dance improvisation for Parkinson’s, Alexander Technique & balance and mental imagery in stroke rehabilitation, research pathways underscoring mind-body integration. Written scholarship includes chief author of Body and Mind in Motion: Dance and Neuroscience in Conversation., a convergence of somatics, dance and neuroscience, and co-editor/contributor to Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives (2014). Glenna has had the joy of a 10-year collaboration with Susan Sentler honing a practice-based lanugage on bodily folding. The two are at work a book, an interdisciplinary perspective,entitled: Embodied Practices in Art Making: The Fold (Intellect Books 2023). She is still dancing while aging and hopes her last bloom is the brightest.