The Fold as Somatic/Artistic Practice

an intensive online curated course with Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson, starting the 7th of September – 9th of October 2020



*Please complete and submit the application form by the 1st of September.


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The course fee is €200, inclusive of teaching, coaching, curating, and materials shared.

A PayPal account has been established for ease of transfer of funds.


Payment is due by the 7th of September.

Alternatively, you can pay in two installments, €100 due by the 7th of September, and the balance of €100 due the 25th of September 2020.


Cancellations by Friday, 11th of September – €175 Reimbursement

Cancellation by Friday 25th of September –    €65 Reimbursement

No portion of the fee will be reimbursed after 25th of September.




Please be assured that all personal information shared within the course – verbal, written, or visual – is held by the facilitators in complete confidence. It will not be shared with any third party or appear on the internet or in conferences (live or online) without the expressed verbal or written permission of the participant



The course will follow the fair use guidelines commonly applied across academic (educational) institutions for educational purposes. This essentially means that the materials shown and shared in this course are for educational purposes and not for commercial gain. The following applies:


Students cannot distribute course materials without written permission from the facilitators and credit given must be given, per event.


Facilitators may use student works in future presentations at noncommercial peer conferences, workshops, or seminars, only with the written (email or letter) consent and credit must be given, per event.


Students may review audio and/or video recordings of the classes for one week after the class is delivered.



Please be advised that you are responsible for creating a safe working space within your environment of choice. By signing this application, you release and absolve the facilitators, Sentler and Batson, of any injury incurred while participating in this work, both online or when assigned to practice with the material in private.


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Thank you!    We look forward to creating together!


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We will notify you of your status of acceptance no later than the 4th of September.